Congratulations to Anna Oprea (Ward), PA for being selected as the 2019 APP of the Year!

Nominate aN Advanced practice provider

The Outer Banks Hospital Office of Experience has established the annual Beacon Award. The Advanced Practice Provider (APP)-of-the-year award, presented by the Outer Banks Hospital and Medical Group, shall be bestowed upon an outstanding and dedicated Outer Banks APP who lives out our values of integrity, compassion, education, accountability, safety, and teamwork. 

Advanced Practice Providers, or APPs, are medical providers (Audiologist, Physician Assistants, Nurse Practitioners, and Certified Registered Nurse Anesthesists) who undergo additional training and education as medical providers. They work in various areas of our hospital, urgent care centers and physician practices. Patients can be treated by an APP in the emergency room, operating room or during routine visits to physician practices. All APPs are supervised by a physician.  

Voting is open August 1 - 31, 2020, online. Should you wish to nominate via paper form, please contact our Office of Experience and Volunteer Services at 252-449-5668. 

Nominee Criteria

We invite peers, physicians, team members, patients, and the community-at-large to submit nominations throughout August, and the award recipient will be announced in the fall. 

A nominated APP should demonstrate aspects such as the following:  

  • Patient advocacy 
  • Collaboration 
  • Quality Initiatives
  • Community Involvement
  • Leadership/mentoring 

APPs who are eligible for this award are listed below in the drop down menu. Please reach out to our Office of Experience and Volunteer Services at 252-449-5668 if you do not see an APP that you would like to nominate.


Tell us about your APP and why they should be honored with the 2020 Beacon Award. Highlight how this APP stands out to you and how they live out the values of integrity, compassion, education, accountability, safety, and teamwork.