Welcome to Volunteer Services at The Outer Banks Hospital and thank you for your interest in our program. Volunteers are an integral part of our organization and dedicate hundreds of hours of volunteer service annually. We utilize volunteers in a wide variety of areas that include departments in the hospital, outpatient settings, as well as with our Cancer Programs and Community Outreach initiatives. 

Hospital Volunteers

The goal of the hospital volunteer program is to provide a personalized service to the patients, care givers, families, visitors and staff at The Outer Banks Hospital.  Our volunteers assist with the day to day operations of the hospital as well as help with special projects and initiatives. 

Hospital Volunteer Placement

It is our goal to place volunteers in areas that interest them. Depending on the department, we have shifts available in the mornings, afternoons, evenings and on the weekends

  • Guest Relations – Information Desk

  • Customer Service – Patient Advocacy

  • Gift Shop 

  • Post Operative Liaison 

  • Emergency Department

  • Clerical Support

  • Music in the Lobbies

  • Knitting & crocheting opportunities

Volunteer Requirements

Volunteer typically work one 4 hour shift a week and we request that interested individuals commit to six months of volunteering.  Additional information regarding these requirements will be provided during the interview.

  • Complete an adult volunteer application

  • Interview with the volunteer coordinator

  • Complete occupational health requirements

  • Submit to a criminal background check

  • Attend Hospital Orientation

  • Comply with annual requirements

Hands of Hope Volunteers

The goal of the Hands of Hope program, which is a partnership between the hospital and the University of North Carolina Cancer Outreach, is to ensure that no one walk the cancer journey alone. Volunteers complete a health screen, background check and orientation along with attendance at bimonthly meetings.

Hands of Hope Volunteer Opportunities

  • Transportation 

  • Assistance With Children 

  • Home Chores 

  • Running Errands 

  • Meal Preparation 

  • Respite Care 

  • Companionship To Homebound Patients 

  • Emotional Support 

Student Volunteers

Every summer, both high school and college level students are invited to participate in a 5-week volunteer program to get a first-hand look into the world of healthcare. Students must be at least 15 years of age. Student volunteers will develop personal and professional skills while working at the hospital, including effective communication, teamwork and problem solving. For more information click here.

Community Volunteers

  • Transportation  

  • Assistance with Children  

  • Home Chores  

  • Running Errands  

  • Meal Preparation  

  • Respite Care 

  • Providing companionship to homebound patients  

  • Emotional Support  

Fundraising Volunteers

The Outer Banks Hospital’s Development Council raises funds for important hospital initiatives, such as the Hospital’s Health Coach, the construction of the Cancer Resource Center, the purchase of equipment, and underwriting the costs of healthcare examinations. The hospital also conducts community outreach programs where the ability to interact with visitors, patients and staff is vital.

Fundraising events include:

  • Annual black tie Gala, in which there are volunteer sponsorship and auction committees that support this event.

  • Get Pinked! And More Party to thank donors to our Get Pinked! funds throughout the year. Get Pinked! And More highlights all of the cancer programs from Hands of Hope to the breast, lung and colon cancer screening programs in our community.

Community Outreach Opportunities Include:

  • Health Fairs 

  • Workshops 

  • Community Health Initiatives and Community Events

Volunteers provide vital support services which enhance the health and well-being of our community. Volunteering also provides new and valuable learning experiences, an opportunity to make new friends and an opportunity to make a difference in our community.  

For more information contact:  

Hospital and Student Volunteers and Hands of Hope Program Volunteers  

Kelly Divita, Volunteer and Patient Family Coordinator

Fundraising and Community Outreach Volunteers

Jennifer Schwartzenberg, Director of Community Outreach and Development