Making Your Cardiac Comeback!

Heart disease impacts patients and their families, and prompts some of life’s biggest challenges and lifestyle changes. Making a cardiac comeback after heart surgery and coping with chronic respiratory disease require individual determination backed by a supportive team. That’s why The Outer Banks Hospital has opened a cardiopulmonary rehab center. The Outer Banks Hospital partnered with Cardiologist Dr. Lindsey White to open the new center. Dr. White owned and operated Outer Banks Cardiac Rehab in Kitty Hawk for nearly ten years. Recently, Dr. White entrusted The Outer Banks Hospital with continuing the good work of his center and growing it to include a strong pulmonary rehab program. Outer Banks Hospital Cardiopulmonary Rehab is located on the second fl oor of the Medical Offi ce Building behind the hospital. Physician referral is required to participate in the state-licensed, Medicare-approved program. Participating in cardiopulmonary rehabilitation helps patients regain their physical strength, cardiovascular capacity and pulmonary function. These are important outcomes from “Cardiac Rehab,” however, one of the most important outcomes is overcoming the fear factor that often lingers after a cardiac event. Many cardiac patients have concerns about returning to a life that includes all of the activities that they once enjoyed. Cardiac rehab helps patients regain their physical strength as well as their confidence to return to a full, active and hopeful life. To read the entire Newsletter, click "View PDF" below.

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