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Incredible healthcare journeys, incredible people. 

Sharing personal stories helps us stay connected as a community. Sure to inspire, these stories reflect the courage and perseverance of our friends, family and neighbors — and their experiences as patients or loved ones — right here on the Outer Banks.

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Janice Schroeder's Story

How many times have you thought “I need to quit smoking!”? Did you quit, only to begin again? Have friends and families encouraged you to quit, but you haven’t listened?

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Mindy Thompson and Michael Thompson Stories

BE BIG! GET LOUD! There are three therapists at The Outer Banks Hospital who are certified to work with patients who experience the symptoms caused by Parkinson’s.

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Pam Cotter's Story

Imagine opening your mouth to speak, and nothing coming out. Imagine that due to a sinus infection that won’t clear up, you have terrible breath.

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Peggy Privott's Story

There’s a tranquility about the Outer Banks that makes it special. Residents especially know how to locate the quietest spots.

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Art Keeney’s Story

The hospital has helped the Outer Banks grow by having the facility right there.

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