Tell Us Now

Welcome to Tell Us Now, a program that allows you to communicate with your health care team while you or your loved one is receiving care at the Outer Banks Hospital. We are always open to hear your compliments, comments and concerns face-to-face, and with Tell Us Now, there are even more ways for you to connect with us.

Stay connected during COVID-19 with messages of
support, faith and encouragement through Tell Us Now. Click here for instructions. 

How may we contact you?

Are you the patient or a family member?

What unit/area is the patient on?

What are you sharing with us today?

If staff are involved, please list the names below: (separated by ;)

Use this space to send a message to a loved one or to tell us about your experience in care. Share as many details as possible. Someone will follow up with you within the next 2-3 hours. If you have an urgent need, please let the charge nurse manager know right away.