Patients & Visitors

Visitor Information

We recognize that family members are an important part of the healing process and we welcome their presence. Patient- and family-centered care is a way of life at OBH. Family mem­bers are recognized as a major support system for patients. The patient defines his or her family and family members can be anyone of the patient's choosing, whether kin or friend. Ultimately, the patient determines how to involve family in care and decision-making.

Likewise visitors bring cheer which can also assist the healing process. Visiting hours are determined on an individual basis as recommended by the patient’s healthcare provider. Therefore, we welcome visitors at any time unless the patient, family or healthcare provider has asked for restrictions.

Guidelines for Visits

We ask that visitors be considerate of you and other patients. Please follow these guidelines.

  • Visits should be brief, quiet and pleasant. Please try not to tire the patient.
  • People who are ill should not visit patients.
  • Family & visitors must wear shirts and shoes.
  • Family & visitors may not smoke or use tobacco products anywhere on the hospital campus.
  • Family & visitors may not bring weapons into the hospital or onto the campus.

Overnight Visitation

Family & visitors may remain with a patient overnight according to the following rules:

  • General Units—one family member or close friend, age 18 or older, may remain in the patient’s room overnight.

  • Pediatrics—one parent or guardian may remain overnight in the child’s room. A complimentary meal for one parent will be provided.

  • Most patient rooms have built-in accommodations for an overnight stay. A nurse will help you with sleeping arrangements.

Pastoral Care

A group of chaplains is part of the healing team. Chaplains provide pastoral services and visit the hospital on a regular basis. If you would like a visit from a chaplain, ask your nurse to call a member of the clergy of your choice.
A chapel is located on the first floor.


Parking for patients, families and visitors is located north of the hospital entrance. Handicapped parking is available by the east entrance and in the Emergency Department area. If all handicapped parking spaces are full, call security at 252-449-5800 for assistance.

Smoking Policy

The Outer Banks Hospital and its campus are tobacco-free. Cigarette, cigar and pipe smoking and the use of other tobacco products are not permitted anywhere on the entire campus. This policy applies to patients, visitors and employees. Smoking cessation material is available.