Surgical Services

Precision is par for the course.

Compassion, integrity and expertise — that’s what you can count on from our surgical team at The Outer Banks Hospital. Whether you’re having elective surgery or emergency treatment, you’ll have peace of mind knowing that you’re being cared for by collaborative, innovative professionals who are committed to excellence.

Operative and other procedures we offer include the following:

The whole you.

Surgery is more than just the procedure itself. Depending on the nature of the surgery, many psychological, social and spiritual factors can arise — both before and after the procedure — and we’re here to help you and your loved ones successfully navigate these issues.

Our surgical suite.

Our Surgery Department staffs three operating room suites, one Caesarean section suite and one endoscopy suite on weekdays. Our on-call team is available for emergency procedures weekday evenings, weekends and holidays.

Essential instructions.

If you’re scheduled for a surgical procedure at The Outer Banks Hospital, be sure to go over what you need to know before, day-of and after surgery.