Community Health Needs Assessments and Implementation Strategies

The community health needs assessment (CHNA), is both a process and a document, which investigates and describes the current health status of the community, what has changed since the last assessment and what still needs to change to improve the health of the community. The process involves the collection and analysis of a large range of data, including demographic, socioeconomic and health statistics, as well as feedback from community members. The document is a summary of all the available evidence and serves as a resource until the next assessment. The completed CHNA serves as the basis for prioritizing the community’s health needs and culminates in planning to meet those needs.

The current survey is out! Please join us by participating to voice your experience and opinion on health-related needs in our community.

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The deadline is June 18, 2021.

Implementation strategy

The implementation strategy is a document which identifies the community’s health priorities, based on the CHNA results. Following the identification of health priorities, the implementation strategy outlines the key strategies/actions the hospital will implement over the next three years to improve each of the identified community health priorities.

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Implementation Strategy


Implementation Strategy