Would you like someone you love to quit tobacco?
Share our evidence-based program and we’ll help them be tobacco-free.

What a gift it would be give someone a tobacco-free, vape-free lifestyle. And, there’s no better time than right now, during the COVID 19 crisis, to help them begin the journey. At The Center for Healthy Living, we understand the challenges and we’re here to help.

Our Tobacco Cessation Program is an evidenced-based approach designed to assist in reducing or quitting tobacco and/or vape use. With behavioral interventions and nicotine replacement therapy, we will equip your loved one with strategies to make the necessary changes in their life to help them become tobacco-free and/or vape-free. Above all, we’re here to support and encourage each individual along their unique journey of quitting smoking or vaping.

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Simply give us a call for details about how you can help someone quit smoking or vaping.

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If you’d like to give the gift of health to a loved one, either call the number above or complete the form below and a team member from The Outer Banks Hospital Center for Healthy Living will contact you soon.