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Hospital-acquired MRSA Infection Prevention

MRSA is a very common germ that about one of every 12 people has on the skin or in the nose. If you have a cut or break in the skin, the germ can cause a skin infection that can be mild to serious. Hospitalized patients face a greater risk for infection with MRSA because they are already sick and undergoing procedures such as surgery, IV lines and drains that create a break in the skin.

To prevent MRSA infections, Vidant Health hospital employees wash their hands before and after touching every patient. This helps prevent MRSA germs from being carried from patient to patient. Vidant Health hospital employees also wear cover gowns and gloves when entering the rooms of patients known to have MRSA or who are at high risk for MRSA. This is a further precaution to avoid spreading the MRSA germ. Other steps Vidant Health hospitals take include wiping down all patient care equipment with disinfectant after patient use and maintaining a clean environment.