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Medication Error Prevention

Medication errors are one of the most frequent causes of harm in the health care setting, which can be prevented. Patients admitted to a hospital commonly receive new medications to treat their conditions. To safely manage a patient’s medications during a hospital stay, we follow a process called medication reconciliation. This means we compare a patient’s current medications with the ones that have been ordered.

Medication reconciliation is a National Patient Safety goal that has been set by the Joint Commission that checks hospital safety and quality.

What is mediation reconciliation?

It is the process of comparing a patient’s current medications with those ordered and reconciling any differences. The process is completed during vulnerable transition points in patient care: admission, transfers between care settings and discharge. This reconciliation is done to avoid medications errors such as omission, duplications, dosing errors or drug interactions.

Our Commitment

Vidant Health is committed to preventing harm from medication errors by reconciling medications while under our care. Compliance with medication reconciliation is monitored to assure the safety of patients.