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Orange Level Visitor Restrictions

Department Hours Restrictions
Hospital Inpatient Departments, Including Surgical Inpatients Open hours (Hours may vary by location) • Two (2) healthy adult visitors per day masked at all times. One (1) visitor at a time in patient room.
• Visitors must stay in patient’s room unless visiting the cafe’.
• One (1) healthy adult visitor may be designated to stay overnight. Overnight visitors may not switch out with other visitors.
End-of-Life Patients in any Department (Including COVID-Positive End-of-Life Patients in all Palliative Care Locations) Open hours • Family members who are masked may visit with guidance from care team and should call the unit for guidance.
Adult COVID-19 Positive Patients Time scheduled by care team • Healthy Visitor(s) masked allowed for COVID-Positive End of Life (see above).
• Two (2) designated healthy adult visitors in required PPE for duration of the stay. One (1) visitor at a time in patient room.
• Visiting times will be scheduled by the patient’s care team.
• Ask unit for accommodations regarding virtual visits.
Women’s Center,
Labor & Delivery, Maternity
(Guidance may vary by location)
Open hours • Four (4) designated healthy adult visitors masked (includes labor partner or doula) are identified on admission and able to visit throughout duration of mothers stay.
• Siblings can be identified as a part of the four (4) approved visitors as desired by the patient.
• Only two (2) visitors are allowed at the bedside at any time.
• COVID positive patient caregivers must remain in the patient’s room at all times. COVID positive patients are restricted to adult caregivers only.
Medical Practices and Outpatient Clinics During time of appointment • One (1) healthy adult visitor masked at all times.
• When necessary healthy, young children can accompany the patient to appointment in addition to the one (1) healthy adult visitor. Alternative arrangements are encouraged if able.
• Pediatric outpatient/clinics: Two (2) visitors masked at all times. Sibling considered as 1 of the 2 visitors.
Outpatient Surgical Patients Prior to surgery • One (1) healthy adult visitor masked allowed in the pre-op area with patient prior to surgery.
Emergency Department Open hours • One (1) healthy adult visitor masked at all times. Visitor may switch out with one (1) other visitor.
• Pediatric patients: Two (2) guardians masked at all times. One (1) guardian with patient while in lobby.