February is “Heart Health Month” and a great reminder to get a quick check-up and some professional advice to keep your heart in top shape. Lots of factors contribute to heart disease. Blood pressure, level of physical activity, cholesterol levels, nutrition, your weight, medications and lifestyle choices such as smoking and stress all affect your heart. The good news is many heart disease risk factors can be improved with proper diagnosis, medication and lifestyle changes. While there is no magic cure for heart disease, we can manage the condition and live healthy lives. High blood pressure can be controlled by medication, cholesterol levels can be lowered with diet changes and we can make our hearts stronger by moving more and enjoying increased physical activity. The importance of knowing your numbers could save your life. The free heart health screenings include blood pressure, blood sugar, and a full lipid panel. These simple tests are good indicators of possible underlying heart conditions. You’ll receive your results in real time, on-site. Staff members will provide practical information on how you can improve your numbers and heart health or refer you to a physician for medical care.

No appointment necessary, stop by.

Friday, February 15
The Outer Banks Hospital’s Main Lobby
4800 S. Croatan Hwy.
MP 14 • Nags Head


Friday, February 22
The Outer Banks Hospital’s Urgent Care Center
The Marketplace,
MP 1 • Southern Shores