By the very nature of their work, physical therapists interact closely with their patients. Quite literally, therapists practice a “hands on” approach, perhaps manipulating a joint or massaging a muscle. Typically, a plan of care may involve repeated visits over several weeks with each appointment lasting an hour. “It’s one on one time with people,” said Amy Robinson, physical therapist at The Outer Banks Hospital, which is often a rare commodity in this busy world.

Robinson enjoys building relationships with both her patients and her co-workers. Since she started full time at the hospital in 2004, the Rehabilitation Department has doubled its volume. She has developed a strong team of therapists who enjoy working together. “Amy is a natural leader who is respected among her peers,” said Bedee Rock, Director of Rehabilitation. “She is highly motivated with expertise in her field. Additionally, Amy is quick to volunteer to help with any project. She consistently raises the bar for all of us.”

Robinson has volunteered to assist with the hospital’s annual baby party, served on the hospital’s Marathon committee – whose team members staffed the medical stations – and is a member of the hospital’s standards team. “I enjoy setting the course,” she said.

“It’s all about teamwork,” said hospital president Van Smith. “Amy is truly one of our outstanding employees who helps out wherever and whenever she’s needed.”

Robinson, who has a Masters Degree from the Medical College of Georgia, moved to the Outer Banks in 2002 with her husband, Rob, who is the owner/chef of Bad Bean Taqueria in Corolla. They have a 2½ year old son, William Henry.