News Release
For Immediate Release
Contact: Jennifer Schwartzenberg, Director of Community Outreach and Development, The Outer Banks Hospital, (252) 449-5933
Date: March 28, 2018

Angela Goetsch, Occupational Therapist, is The Outer Banks Hospital’s March, 2018 Employee of the Month. Goetsch joined TOBH in 2002 after following the creation and construction of the hospital.

Goetsch shows her commitment to quality care on a daily basis. Her patients look forward to therapy and are motivated to reach their goals due to Angie’s spirited and positive approach. She takes extra care to accommodate patients’ schedules, whether they need to be seen earlier or later in the day than the normal operating schedule.

Goetsch is always available to answer questions and has excellent communication skills with co-workers, patients and their families. She is a team player when it comes to coordinating schedules for multiple services and disciplines of treatment. Her dedication, knowledge and professionalism demonstrate the types of team members we strive to have at The Outer Banks Hospital and Medical Group.

Goetsch was instrumental in developing the Lymphedema Therapy program at The Outer Banks Hospital, which helps patients manage excess swelling due to cancer treatments. The program complements the hospital’s many offerings for those affected by cancer.

Reflecting upon what she enjoys about working at TOBH, Goetsch stated, “I am lucky to come to work every day, I work with a great team in the Rehab Department, and in a brand new space!” She continued, “I really enjoy the diversity of my patients; working with people of all ages and varying diagnoses makes each day here different and rewarding.”

Pictured, Left to Right: Lauren Schaefer, Physical Therapist; Pam Bridgman, Central Scheduler; Nicole Kalkhoff, Speech Language Pathologist; Amy Robinson, Physical Therapist; Kelsy Zwanzig, Physical Therapy Assistant; Carol Moore, Central Scheduler; Goetsch; Amy Montgomery, Senior Administrator of Operations