Some say life improves with time. Joni Carey, Central Operating Room Scheduler, would agree. Life for her just keeps getting better and her recent honor as April’s Employee of the Month is truly icing on the cake.

Twenty-three years ago, Joni and husband Fred, who Joni typifies as “Washington DC Beltway Bandits,” traveled south of their Maryland home and bought a vacation home on the Outer Banks. Joni continued to work in the DC Beltway as a government contractor, however several years ago they took the opportunity to leave their busy I-95 lifestyle behind them and relocated to the beach. In 2009 Joni began working for The Outer Banks Hospital, first in registration. In 2010 she assumed her current position as operating room scheduler.

Joni’s primary job as Central Scheduler for the hospital’s operating room is to coordinate and schedule surgical procedures. This involves frequent interactions with physician offices. Carey’s professionalism, positive attitude and organizational skills are appreciated by hospital staff and other healthcare offices. Since early 2010 Joni has coordinated 1,745 surgeries at everything from outpatient surgeries such as cataracts or colonoscopies to elective surgeries like total knee or total hip and emergency cases as well.

“Joni has an excellent working relationship within the department and with the physician office staff as well,” said Cindy Nilson, Perioperative Director. “She is a positive influence, always has a smile, and is an integral part of the department.”

“I really love this job and the interaction with the physician offices,” said Joni. “It feels right (this job) as scheduler. And my background in registration had helped me understand the entire process even better. ”

If ever the need to call the hospital’s Main OR desk arises, be assured the voice you hear on the other end of the phone that says, “OR Desk this is Joni, can I help you?” will be from an energetic, sincere professional. And just by listening, you can “see” Joni’s friendly smile.