What’s better than a 97%? How about 98.6%? That’s what The Outer Banks Hospital housekeeping staff rated at its latest “Best of Best” inspection. In fact, the inspector was overheard saying that The Outer Banks Hospital ranked as one of the cleanest hospitals he had ever stepped foot in.

It’s no secret that one of the first things you notice when you walk into a building is how clean it is – whether there’s trash oozing out of the cans, fingerprint smudges on the glass, dark stains on the carpet. It could be any establishment – even the waiting room of a garage. Makes you want to not touch anything. Wonder if the mechanic is really changing the oil. Wish you didn’t have to sit and wait.

What a difference when you walk into a clean, well-maintained building. Right away you know the people who work there care. There’s no clutter, no trash, no spills on the floor, no peculiar odors. You relax just a bit doing business with folks who keep a tidy “house.” You begin to trust that they know what they’re doing.

We owe our housekeeping staff a huge thank you for creating such a clean, wholesome environment not just for our patients and their families – but for ALL of us. Next time you see a member of environmental services team hard at work, let them know how much you appreciate their work at The Outer Banks Hospital.