Very few people at The Outer Banks Hospital come in contact with all of the hospital’s 250 employees. By the very nature of the 24/7 work, shifts include nights, weekends and “as needed.” Cheri Moro is the exception. She is the voice that greets those seeking more information about job vacancies, she explains benefits and schedules interviews and gives tours to new employees. In many ways, she is their “first encounter.” Cheri’s professionalism and compassion go a long way toward lightening employees’ anxieties as they make the transition to a new position.

Moro reported for work on October 31st, 2005 (Halloween) and discovered her new boss dressed as a witch, which was an augur of the whimsy that human resource departments often concoct. Previous to joining the staff at the hospital, Moro had worked in payroll and benefits for a concrete construction company in White Marsh, Maryland, where she met her husband. They eventually began to talk about retiring and selected one of their favorite vacation escapes: the Outer Banks.

During the hospital’s search to fill the position of human resources director, Moro has accepted additional job responsibilities. According to her co-workers, Cheri has maintained her poise and ventured forward, with a smile and a chuckle. She has assisted with the hospital’s annual holiday party and hospital week festivities and is a member of the hospital’s standards team. “I enjoy meeting people and getting to know them,” she said. What more perfect job!

“Cheri is definitely an asset to The Outer Banks Hospital,” said Van Smith, hospital president. “She’s stepped up to the plate and met the challenges with grace and commitment. She truly is unflappable, which is the benchmark of an outstanding employee, especially in the human resources department!”