Dr. Daniel Terryberry recently joined Outer Banks Family Medicine – Kitty Hawk.

In 2008, Dr. Terryberry expanded his practice to include primary care. More recently, Dr. Terryberry served as the Chief Medical Officer and Vice President of Medical Affairs for Albemarle Hospital in Elizabeth City.

“I am thankful to The Outer Banks Hospital and Outer Banks Medical Group for providing me with the opportunity to return to patient care,” share Dr. Terryberry. “Although I enjoyed working in healthcare administration, I missed working directly with patients.”

Dr. Terryberry completed his medical training at the State University of New York at Buffalo. Terryberry’s interest in medicine all started while playing ice hockey on the Erie Canal. “I was the youngest of 14 boys in our neighborhood; I played goalie, which meant I spent a lot of time at the hospital,” shared Dr. Terryberry. “In addition to all the time I spent getting stitched up, I was also greatly influenced by how much respect my community had for the doctors and nurses at the local hospital. In my hometown, people would go to the hospital after church to visit patients. I also recall how much my parents respected our family doctor. These things had a strong influence on my decision to become a doctor,” Terryberry continued.

When asked why he is so happy about his return to patient care at Outer Banks Family Medicine – Kitty Hawk, Terryberry shared that he enjoys his role as a primary care doctor and working with the local healthcare team to make sure that patients get the care they need. “Culturally, The Outer Banks Hospital’s mission aligns with what drives me – which is to take care of people.”

“Most of all, I am back being a doctor. After a five years in administration, “Doc” Graham’s quote from the movie The Field of Dreams hits home for me – ‘If I had only gotten to be a doctor for five minutes, now that would have been a tragedy’”, concluded Dr. Terryberry.

Dr. Terryberry is accepting new patients. To make an appointment to see Dr. Terryberry, call Outer Banks Family Medicine – Kitty Hawk at 449-5780.