Dr. Johnny Farrow recently joined Vidant Family Medicine – Manteo.

Dr. Farrow tells a humble story about how he decided to become a doctor. After high school he went to UNC Wilmington for a short time, returning to COA because he just did not know what he wanted to do. Then one evening while having dinner with a friend, he was first on the scene to a car crash just outside the restaurant in Elizabeth City where they we eating. “I realized that night that I could help people through a job related to healthcare. Soon after, I became an Emergency Medical Technician and eventually worked for Dare County EMS,” shared Farrow.

Eventually, Dr. Farrow returned to school at ECU School of Medicine to become an Emergency Medicine Physician. After practicing Emergency Medicine at Albemarle Hospital, he made the move to practice Family Medicine and hasn’t looked back since.

“I love practicing Family Medicine because of the relationships I have been able to develop with my patients. I want my patients to know that when they call Vidant Family Medicine – Manteo to schedule an appointment, they will be able to make an appointment to see me. Also, Vidant honors my decision making as a Physician and I will have the ability to send my patients to any of the many great medical facilities in our area,” continued Farrow.

When asked why he is so happy about his move to Vidant Family Medicine, Farrow shared that he is excited to return to his roots, having trained as a Physician in Greenville and worked for Pitt County Memorial Hospital, which is now Vidant Medical Center. Dr. Farrow is also looking forward to being more a part of the local medical community with closer ties to the other physician practices in the community.

Dr. Farrow also shared that he is particularly honored to have the chance to work closely with Dr. Walter Holton. “I can vividly remember bringing patients to Dr. Holton by ambulance, when one of the rooms right here at Vidant Family Medicine – Manteo served as the Emergency Room for our community. I looked up to him then, and I still do.”

To make an appointment to see Dr. Farrow, call Vidant Family Medicine – Manteo at 473-3478.