Nags Head, NC – Petzing, board certified in family practice and a member of the American Academy of Family Practice, worked at St. Mary Medical Center in Galesburg, Illinois, prior to joining the medical staff here in February. Petzing explained to actors and technicians in the outdoor drama that their exposure to the smoke would most likely pose no significant long-term health concern. “For most people, it’s more of an annoyance, than a real threat to your health and well-being,” she said. Common over the counter sinus/allergy medications can bring some comfort from irritation caused by the smoke and particulates according to Petzing. “But if you are having a significant reaction to the smoke, you may need to visit with your healthcare professional; otherwise, smoke exposure is merely a nuisance.” Pictured above are Michael Hardy, CEO of The Lost Colony; Amy Montgomery, Community Outreach Director at The Outer Banks Hospital; and Christine Petzing, MD.