Karen Ciero, RN, BSN, Director of Labor & Delivery at The Outer Banks Hospital, announced that Janet Roberts, RN, has earned her international board certification as a lactation consultant. In order to certify, Roberts was required to have Bachelor’s degree and 2,500 hours of experience, along with passing a comprehensive exam. Roberts is a resource for those who elect to breastfeed their babies, which encompasses approximately 80% of the mothers who give birth at The Outer Banks Hospital.

Last year, a record 435 babies were born at The Outer Banks Hospital. “No one anticipated these rather remarkable statistics prior to the hospital’s opening,” said Van Smith, hospital president. “It is a great testament of the high level of service and care provided by our hospital employees and the medical staff and the fact that mother’s can deliver in a safe, comfortable setting close to home.”

“These families are special to us,” said Ciero. “They represent the future of the community on the Outer Banks. Just imagine in 20 or 30 years when these children return as parents to babies being born at The Outer Banks Hospital.”