As any expecting or new mom will tell you, impending motherhood can be intimidating. How will I know when I’m in labor? How big is my baby? How will I know when to call the pediatrician?

To help answer these questions and address other concerns, The Outer Banks Hospital has launched The Parent Review, an electronic tool that supplies medical, developmental and educational materials to expectant women and new mothers.

The Parent Review is free. All that is necessary is that participants register on The Outer Banks Hospital’s web site. Emails will arrive weekly with customized information, news and resources based on the week of the mother’s pregnancy. For instance, if a participant registers at her 6th week of pregnancy, information specific to her gestational age will be sent. And the information continues until the infant is one year old. Participants may view a sample newsletter and review the content before signing. Additionally, they may sign up for the Spanish version.

“This is a great tool,” said Karen Ciero, RN, Director of Labor & Delivery at The Outer Banks Hospital. “A lot of families have access to the internet, even at the local library. All they need is an email address where the information can be sent. The Parent Review is just another way we can support our Outer Banks families.”

“Our Outer Banks families are pretty computer literate,” added Van Smith, Jr., hospital president. “This weekly electronic newsletter is customized to guide participants through pregnancy, labor and delivery, and the first year of their baby’s life. It’s a wonderful resource, literally at their finger tips.”