News Release
For Immediate Release
Contact: Jennifer Schwartzenberg, Director of Community Outreach and Development, The Outer Banks Hospital, (252) 449-5933

Date: November 21, 2018

Michael Curfman named Outer Banks Hospital Employee of the Month for November, 2018

Michael Curfman, Licensed Practical Nurse at Outer Banks Family Medicine in Southern Shores, is The Outer Banks Hospital’s November, 2018 Employee of the Month. Curfman joined the Outer Banks Medical Group in December of 2016 at Manteo Family Practice, and then transitioned to Southern Shores in May of 2017. He is originally from central Pennsylvania.

Curfman is a huge asset to the practice. He has a great, can-do attitude, often taking on other tasks as needed, including answering billing questions for patients. He works to the top of his license and ensures that workflows support smooth operations, all while giving excellent care to his patients.
Always willing to train new providers and help current team members better navigate the Electronic Health Record, Curfman earned the title of Super User at the Southern Shores practice.

When a serious staffing shortage affected the Southern Shores practice earlier this year, Curfman stepped up without complaint to accommodate the increased patient volumes while managing intricate care coordination, call backs, medication refills, authorizations and referrals. He is willing to go wherever there is a need in the medical group and has filled in at both Urgent Cares, General Surgery, and Internal Medicine.

Upon receiving the news that he was chosen as the Employee of the Month, Curfman exclaimed, “It’s something quite unexpected, but very appreciated.” He continued, “I’m fortunate to have thoughtful co-workers that chose to honor my contributions in this way. Thank you.”

Pictured, Left to Right: Dr. Daniel Terryberry; Curfman; Lynne Miles, Administrator of Regional Operations; Sherry Craun, Practice Manager; Jennifer Allen, Manager of Regional Operations; Ronnie Sloan, President, The Outer Banks Hospital.