Patients at The Outer Banks Hospital are experiencing more efficient radiologic services and faster diagnoses since the hospital implemented a state-of-the-art, all-digital solution for x-ray imaging studies. The new KODAK DIRECTVIEW DR 7500 System from Carestream Health captures radiology images in fewer than 10 seconds. After an exam is completed, the images can be viewed in minutes by on-site clinicians.

“The image quality and productivity of these systems is exceptional and exceeds the high standards expected by our radiologists and other doctors,” said Dr. Lysle K. Ailstock, Medical Director of the Imaging Department at The Outer Banks Hospital.

With the hospital’s previous computer radiography system, the procedure and processing time for x-rays could be as long as 20 minutes. With the new digital solution, images are most often available in less than one minute.

“Digital imaging systems provide faster image capture and also require fewer retakes due to the built-in flexibility of digital imaging and display technology,” said Belita Rock, Director of Radiology at The Outer Banks Hospital. “Fewer retakes mean less radiation exposure.”

“This radiology solution is an excellent value for the hospital,” said Van Smith, President of The Outer Banks Hospital. “We strive to be careful stewards of the hospital’s resources. In this case, we believe we have implemented a solution that allows our physicians to be more productive and offers greater convenience and time savings for our patients.”