There is probably no family living on the Outer Banks whose lives have not been touched by cancer. It is the leading cause of death in Dare County. And it is a disease that is being fought by many who are involved with treatment, education, support and research.

Three years ago, The Outer Banks Hospital made a commitment to raise funds to open a Cancer Resource Center, whose mission is education, referral and support. The Center opened in January. Now the hospital has invited the National Marrow Donor Program to participate in the Health & Fitness Expo on March 15th at First Flight Middle School. The goal is to register donors who may be a match for one of the more than 6,000 men, women and children who are searching for a life-saving donor.

What’s involved in becoming a donor?

  • Anyone age 18 – 60 who meets the Registry’s health guidelines and is committed to helping any patient may join
  • There is a $52 fee to register, which is waived for minorities, law enforcement and students
  • Donors are required to give a small blood sample or swab of cheek cells to be tested for tissue type – then this information is added to the registry
  • If you are contacted as a possible match, you will receive further education about either donating cells from bone marrow or from circulating blood at which time you make a decision whether to not to donate

The National Marrow Donor Program manages the largest and most diverse registry with nearly 7 million donors. You could be the best match for one of those patients waiting for a cure. Join The Outer Banks Hospital and the National Marrow Donor Program on March 15th at First Flight Middle School. You could save a life.