The Outer Banks Hospital recently experienced a failure in the computer system that provides telephone service to the facility, resulting in a loss of service. Hospital officials immediately began work to restore service and notified the public that phone service to the hospital had been curtailed. Within a day, CenturyLink, who responded to the emergency, had installed lines to all critical patient areas. At no time was patient care compromised.

“Patient safety is our top priority and communication, including by phone, is crucial to providing safe care,” stated Jeffrey N. Sackrison, FACHE, Interim President at The Outer Banks Hospital. “Thankfully we have an emergency operations plan that addresses alternative communications methods. That plan was quickly placed into operation. Our hospital staff used several alternative methods of communication during this outage, including updates on the hospital’s web site and Facebook page.”

Currently, telephones in patient rooms are not operational. Hospital officials are working to resolve this situation and request that all patients and their families use personal cell phones during this time. For those patients without personal cell phones, hospital staff will make phones available.

The hospital is moving ahead to install a new phone system in the coming months. Sackrison noted that updates will be posted on the hospital web site and Facebook page.