Nags Head, NC – UNC pharmacist student Kaitlyn Taylor is pleased to be spending her summer this year at The Outer Banks Hospital.

Taylor, a native of Conway, NC, comes from a long line of pharmacists. Over 70 years ago Taylor’s family opened Taylor Drug Co in Conway. Today, her father and uncle work in the family-operated independent pharmacy while Taylor continues her pharmacy training at UNC Chapel Hill.

“Since I’ve grown up in the store front pharmacy setting, I was very interested in experiencing a hospital pharmacy,” said Taylor. “Having spent the past three summers here on the beach, I was delighted to be placed as an intern at The Outer Banks Hospital.”

According to Monte Thompson, Pharmacy Director, the hospital has trained more than a dozen interns since it opened in 2002. “We fulfill a professional obligation to help students in their training” he said. “Explaining procedures and operations to a student grounds us in our own training. It’s always mutually beneficial to both student and preceptor.”

Thompson was thrilled to realize that early in his career as a pharmacist he mentored Taylor’s father in the mid 80s.

During their month-long internship, pharmacy students at the hospital spend their day learning about dispensing medications, observing chemotherapy preparations, following nurses on rounds, attending meetings, making intravenous solutions and observing surgeries.

“It’s been great to experience everything here first hand,” Kaitlyn remarked. “It really makes my studies more relevant to real world use.”