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Women's Services

The birth of a child is one of the most exciting and joyous milestones in our lives. Here at The Outer Banks Hospital, we have designed our labor and delivery area to ensure your comfort as well as that of your loved ones during this special time. Amenities such as bright, cheerful rooms, whirlpool tubs and comfy rockers will help make your stay here even more memorable.

We welcome over 400 babies to the world each year. Our labor and delivery area consists of two labor/delivery/recovery/postpartum rooms, a five-bed nursery, a dedicated Caesarean-section operating room and a triage room. Patients may be scheduled for Caesarean sections, inductions and stress tests (non-stress and contraction stress tests). Patients generally stay 24-72 hours after delivery. All rooms support our comfortable family concept with Jacuzzi tubs, glider rockers and built-in window seats.

Board-certified pediatricians provide assessment and follow-up care for all newborns.

Pre-term or high-risk patients may be assessed, treated and discharged with instructions for follow-up care, or they may be stabilized and transferred to a hospital that can provide the appropriate level of care.


Share your baby's first photos with family and friends with our online web nursery. For more information, click here .